We know Google are forever trying to get people to use their ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC) advertising methods, and they have introduced their latest installment in a bid to try and force that forward even harder onto those of us trying to improve our web presence.

If you have logged into your Google Analytics within the last 24 hours or so you may notice the bulk of your search queries coming via the term ‘Not Provided’ – this means Google is withholding the data from view. So even though someone typed in something relevant to your site, you can no longer tell what they searched for. Of course, any traffic that comes via Google’s own PPC will still show in the reports, and so that is how they are trying to push users in that direction. It’s a method that doesn’t affect the search results, just the analytics behind it.


So do not fear, although Google will mask the keyword terms (reports are now showing anywhere up to 90% of Organic Traffic via ‘Not Provided’) your keywords will still work as usual and you will get found in the same way as before… It just makes the reporting a little more difficult in the mean time!

Watch this space, as Google changes, so does the world of Online Marketing – and where there’s an action, there’s a reaction!