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Facebook Algorithm Update


The new Facebook Algorithm Update is here, so what of it?

Well – there’s a few implications here, under the guise of improving user experience (apparently), for individual users. For businesses however, it’s a very, very different story.

So currently you can supposedly advertise for free to your ‘likers’ on Facebook, well not for too much longer if you don’t treat them right! Facebook is penalising businesses who misuse their followers to just ‘viralize’ the content that they push out. So from now, there’s a few things you have to look out for before engaging with your current audience of ‘likers’.

Firstly, using the terms ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’ are now very big no-no’s. Facebook immediately senses this as spam and seeks to penalise the business pages that incorporate these terms into your statuses – a real pity if you just happen to ‘like the weather today’…! You’ll have to keep that to yourself or get your thesaurus out!

Secondly, you will be penalised if you overuse a link (without interaction), or if it’s deemed irrelevant to the content provided with it. So, if you keep linking to your website’s homepage, we’d suggest you stop – it’s good when it’s relevant, when it’s not, it may just be damaging to your potential future reach. Make sure you are using relevant keywords off of that page in your status too, that way the damage will be minimised as it will at least look relevant! Unfortunately, the same goes for photos. Keep reusing a good snap and Facebook will reduce it’s effectiveness – it likes to keep things fresh!

So the trick now is to create real engaging, useful, share-able, unique content without implying in any way that it should be interacted with(!), whilst of course somehow, encouraging engagement!

Good luck! You’re going to have to get your thinking caps on now!!