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Another Google Update?

Yes, it’s that time again – Webmasters everywhere are watching their rankings and search traffic like a hawk as something in the world of Google is shifting.

An exciting time for SEO’s and companies involved in Online Marketing but a turbulent time for anyone who is relying highly on web traffic for their business. There are reports across Webmaster Tools and various other sites that traffic is plummeting for ‘ethical sites’ by up to 80% in some cases!


Online Marketing

At Aim High, we pride ourselves on our techniques.

So what does this mean for you?

Hold tight, and see whether this is something that’s going to stick – check your traffic and just keep an eye on it. Rumour has it at this stage that this update is ‘resurrecting brands’, which means that sites that haven’t been updated in a while may be resurfacing in the rankings. The true effects of this won’t be recognised or understood for days yet, if not weeks, but watch this space!

As an SEO that operates ‘White Hat’ techniques as a part of a comprehensive Online Marketing strategy, we’re eager to see how our sites are affected by this, there has also been talk of some sites rising in traffic so we’re keen to see which way our clients are affected. Generally, a Google update is good news for us! They are keen, as are we, to cut down on the effectiveness of spammy sites that give nothing to the end user. We value the quality that Google seeks for its users, so hold tight everyone – let’s see what happens!

You can read more on this at the SEO Round Table.

Happy St. George’s Day!!!

St. George & the Dragon

St George taking on the dragon!

So today marks the anniversary of our good old Saint George slaying the evil dragon. A moment that we have celebrated for over 1000 years in these isles!

Up until the 18th century, this day was celebrated akin to Christmas, and would be accompanied by great feasts and drinking to show our appreciation for our very own dragon slayer! And why not?! The English love to support the underdog! And, what more can be done to swing the odds in your favour if you’re a fire breathing, 5 tonne flying reptile with armour like skin and a sweet tooth for englishmen? The plucky gent laughed in the face of these odds (may not be factually correct!), and jumped on his friendly horse (rumour has it he was called James) and set off into the sunset to rescue his Princess.

He returned a hero. The quintessential essence of what it meant to be English, to persevere against all odds to achieve victory! And he got his girl whilst doing it!

St. George was protected from the dragon’s evil by the cross that he wore around his neck. And, since this event, we have worn the St. George’s Cross on our flag to remind the world of his achievements, and the world’s most prominent military Saint.

A reason to be proud to be English! In the face of all adversity we can succeed! So here at Aim High SEO we hope you all have a really successful day, and remember whatever you have to face, at least it’s not a dragon!