Monthly Archives: November 2013

Busy, busy, busy – Why sharing is important…

Okay, we all get caught up in the moment, and here at Aim High we are as guilty of it as anyone else!

When juggling between a pre-existing client list, bringing new clients into your business, keeping on top of industry specific changes and the million and one other things you find yourselves dealing with during the course of the week, it can be extremely difficult to relay this back to your stakeholders.

You may be exceptionally busy, spinning plates in every direction imaginable, but to the unknowing outside world it appears quiet, far too quiet. This is why keeping an ongoing outward flow of information from your company is vitally important. It reinforces on a branding level what your company is going through during the weeks, and sharing the ups and downs and newsworthy events with the people who are interested means a great deal to all involved.

Not only from the branding perspective, of actually looking busy, but the search engines notice this too. Google + co are always asking, “how can an unchanged, inactive website be as relevant now as it was when it was last changed?” – a question that has a simple answer in it’s eyes – it can’t be. Making sure your website is representative of what is happening in your business is vitally important to the search engines too.

So in short – KEEP UPDATING!!

This is not just your blog or news posts, but your services, products and any other static page on site. Back this up with consistent Social Media updates and you’ll be golden!