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Post Penguin 2.0 – The ‘New’ SEO

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So, the arrival of ‘Penguin 2.0’ (Google’s latest ‘Big’ publicised update) was well documented, and although many of you knew it was coming, not many people knew what it was going to mean for businesses that rely upon their websites and how the world of SEO would change. 

We were pleasantly surprised upon its arrival, as we were one of the few who actually benefited from Google’s update. And the reasons for this became clearer over the days that followed.

Google’s weighting on areas of your website had changed dramatically. It was now seeking good, unique content. Something that we always knew was going to benefit the end user, but that many people didn’t think Google would rate highly. When this changed, the ‘user-orientated’ websites began to rise to the top, and this is why we enjoyed success in this period.

Built with clean, friendly links and excellent, unique content, it was clear that Google was going to start rewarding websites that were good for the end user, rather than websites that it thought ‘should’ be popular.

Many online marketing companies are still struggling with this concept. And the way in which they need to adapt to this change. Truth is, there’s no quick fix. Long dead are the days of mass backlinks and spammy content. Finally a well built, well optimised site is getting the credit it deserves from Google.

So, want advice on how to maximise this? How to create a website that Google can orientate and believe is user-focused? We at Aim High work closely with our clients to provide advice at every avenue making sure we tick all the boxes for their SEO and keep the internet’s biggest search engine happy. In turn, creating happy clients!

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SEO PR – Ticket to the top?

So we all know the ‘SEO’ itself means many different things to many different people. But really, looking at the ‘bare bones’ of it, it’s only about one thing; getting a website found by people who are interested in its products and services.

So, getting yourself to that prestigious #1 spot on Google for a certain keyword search may be your ‘end-goal’, but have you considered everything else in the equation? Social media, on-site content, off-site press releases? Okay, that probably caught you out, everyone knows the importance of Social and Content, but PR is a bit of a new addition to the ever growing list!

We’ve been doing this recently with our clients and to be honest, we’re loving the power of it! We can write a PR article about your business and within 12 hours it will be on page 1 of Google News for the relevant keywords(in most cases!). This is a great way of building your online presence, quick, easy and most of all – highly effective!

We’re so proud of the results that we’re now including this in our SEO campaigns! But of course, we do offer this as a stand-alone or bolt-on if your website needs a little extra push in the right direction.

Remember, there are lots of different ways of getting your website found, and many ways of getting your voice heard. When committing to SEO look for flexibility as part of your package, after all, what works today may not work tomorrow and you don’t want to be tied into doing something that doesn’t work for 12 months! This is one of the reasons we don’t commit clients to contracts, it ensures we stay on top of our game, always providing the best possible results for our clients. Easy when you think about it!