Content Creation

Content is needed not just by your end users, but by search engines too. How else is it meant to know about your products and services?


Content is king...

So maybe in recent months you’ve heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ being thrown around? What does this actually mean?

Google’s algorithms (and other search engines) have become more focused on the actual content onsite than ever before. It used to be very heavily focused on what users’ offsite were saying about your business, but nowadays it all has to match up with your content onsite.

Not only does good content help your audience learn more about you, develop trust and increase conversion rates, but it helps search engines understand what products and services you offer.

Take a look at your home page now, if you couldn’t see the images on that page, and weren’t familiar with the brand and you just read the WORDS on the page, would it be clear what you were offering, and to what geographical locations? If not then it may require reviewing!

Our team of in-house SEO copywriters are experienced in writing in a way that accurately promotes businesses and brands whilst being accessible to search engines. They know all the little rules such as how many words are required per page and how many times keywords should feature to appear natural.

We offer this at a great price, because you should always be able to shout about what you do. You are proud of it, and so are we. From as little as £40 per page (+VAT), we can create onsite content that will serve as a great starting block to build your presence. Without good content, the whole process becomes much more difficult! 

So where do we go from here? Simply contact us today on 020 3239 6631 to learn more about our services.