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About us

Aim High SEO brings together the wealth of experience of a group of SEO and marketing professionals to provide the all-in-one online marketing solution to businesses of all sizes.

With many years’ experience in marketing, SEO and website development, the Aim High team deliver a high quality service that meets the needs of businesses no matter what industry they operate in.

To find out more about who we are and what we can do for your business please contact us today on 0800 240 4606.

Meet the Team

Ian Dawkins - Director of Aim High SEO
 Ian Dawkins - Director
 Ian has worked as a very successful businessman for over 25 years in a variety of  sectors. Along with his commitments to Aim High he owns a national courier  business and has an amazing range of contacts across the South East. 

Mick Crampton - Aim High SEO Director
 Mick Crampton - Director
 Mick has great expertise in the area of online presence and successful marketing.  Having owned companies throughout the print industry and now owning a very successful web design agency, Mick lends a great level of expertise to creating an  online presence. 

Darren Lee - Aim High SEO Director
 Darren Lee - Director
 Darren has owned his own businesses for over 20 years and brings a great wealth of experience to Aim High. Also a business owner, Darren has a vast range of contacts  and a knowledge of SEO from previous investments.

Adam Berry - Director of Aim High SEO
 Adam Berry - Director and SEO Specialist
 Adam Berry is an SEO specialist and expert by trade, having worked in the field for  over 10 years Adam's experience and knowledge is second to none. 

Stephanie Banger - Director of Aim High SEO
 Stephanie Banger - Marketing Director and SEO Specialist
 Stephanie has run her own business for over 10 years and in that time used SEO  services herself. Won over by the power of SEO she co- founded Aim High and never  looked back. Day-to-day she markets the brand and meets with clients to build  relationships ensuring our ever- high level of referrals continue.  

Daniel Boardman - Sales and Analytics Manager of Aim High SEO
 Daniel Boardman - Sales & Analytics Manager
 Dan has been with the Aim High team for over a year now, bringing with him the experiance of  several marketing and brand management roles inclusive of Social Media marketing.  Now a certified SEO Professional, Dan manages current client relationships and  looks to develop new ones.